Here is the 3rd part of the series “Self Training of security guards”. Today you will learn about how to train yourself for “Incident Response”. Let us recap a bit about the previous two parts before starting on this one. In the 1st part “Role of private security”, we saw how to learn about the responsibilities and duties of a security guard in detail. In the second part, we looked into the most basic job description of a security officer i.e. “Patrol and observation” and how to prepare yourself for fulfilling it.

In this article you will learn about the most important aspect of security guard job in UAE; “Incident Response”.

Why incident response is important?

Because in UAE, security guards are not allowed to carry any form of lethal or control weapons, hence it is of paramount importance for every security guard to be extremely vigilant and responsive towards any strange happening or developments.


You need to learn how emergencies are broadcasted in UAE; hence you need to be familiar with:

  • Local language and customs
  • Using walkie-talkie and other equipment to communicate with supervisor and the team.

You can learn the local languages at home through free video tutorials available on YouTube. Walkie-talkies are available in the marts. Buy a cheap one and make familiar with the communication delays, voice quality and range of the equipment. You can also watch videos of people using standard security equipment on video portals.

The major responsibility of a security guard in UAE is to alert the local authorities readily in case of any mishap. So the police authorities can deal with the impending threats. Hence you need to know the phone numbers of police, fire department and local government office so you can contact them anytime.
You can learn how to fire fight right at home! Remember that you need to know the source which caused the fire because the firefighting technique and equipment varies greatly according to the cause of the fire. You also will need to evacuate any people in the premises and alert the firefighting department. The best way of doing such stuff is to keep calm. Doing yoga and other mind relaxing exercises can help greatly in achieving focused and calm mind.


Another very important aspect is to be able to handle and check strange items or belongings left at open places. This is a very difficult task as any wrong move can have devastating consequences.