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December 18, 2012 @ 5:44 pm

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I have heard that wigs and hair extensions are forbidden in Islam. However, many young women today wear artificial hair extensions that are obviously not their real hair.

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Ruling on using hair extensions Assalamu Alaikum I wanted to ask you if you might clarify something for me I am very confused over the hair extensions..

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Plaiting synthetic material with her real hair I have recently undergone chematherapy for cancer The drugs I was taking made me lose my hairThe proble..

fake hair are not allowed in islam, infect you are not allowed to show your hair to stangers! why is it wrong and not allowed? because you are trying your

Bismillah..Is (non-human) hair haram ? Prophet Mohammed (saw) said that she/he whom uses human hair is cursed – no matter the reason even for your husband

using a wig, made from animal hair (other than a pig) or synthetic fibres, is concerned, the Fuqaha state that this is permitted, regardless of whether the hair is

I know it is against islamic law to put fake hair in. Now, what if you have a major illness and you want to look normal so others do not find out about this illness

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Aug 16, 2011 · Animal hair or synthetic hair is acceptable in some schools of thought and And as everyone knows Islam does not prohibit to show your love and

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Synthetic hair extensions are haraam as it is artifical modification to one’s own natural hair. . Using synthetic hair extensions to add thickness to one’s

What is the Ruling on Wigs and Extensions? by Suhaib Webb. May 1, If the hair is synthetic then the scholars considered it Islam encourages us to look,

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