Self training for security guards: Part 4

This is the fourth and final part of the “Self training for security guards”. We have discussed the responsibilities, roles and learning about how to respond to emergency and dangerous situations. It has been repeated many times now that the most important responsibility of a security guard is the prevention of any unfortunate incident. This ...
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Self training for security guards: Part 2

Private Security Ethics and their duties: Private security agencies give the best training to their security guards to fully aware of their responsibilities. In Online courses, special videos of the crime scenes are re-enacted to show how to manage these situations. This is the second part of the online security training and in this part you ...
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Security guard incident writing

The first thing you will be asked for will be to write the incident report as this is a basic and fundamental element for the security so be prepared for that. these are the following steps to keep in mind when writing an incident report.       The W family:   How to format: Language: ...
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Interesting security guard facts

Security guard job is a very interesting job. It is wells suited for those people who want to be in action day in day out. Depending on your job criteria, you can be working in a public place such as a shopping mall, or working in corporate offices or gate keeping hotels, banks; or you ...
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In house training for security guards

Aspiring to become one of the topmost security officers in UAE? The road to such a prestigious career in a multinational firm is certainly not a walk in the park. You need to hone your professional skills and personal abilities before and after getting employed. Being fit 24/7 is the foremost responsibility of a security ...
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Self training for security guards: Part 1

The Security guard training needs a lot of course management and adequate environment. Now days, you can become a security guard by getting online training. So make your choice whether you want to train yourself at home or in-class. Introduction The online training requires an internet connection and a computer. Having an upper view of the security ...
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Embassy security jobs

Security jobs in Embassy : UAE is the global center of the world and it is providing a smooth and good environment to all countries. In UAE, people come to deal in the matters of Political and socio-trade matters. Especially, ambassadors from different parts of the world meet in Dubai to discuss and settle the world regional ...
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